Friday, January 28, 2011

Vita craft Scam Celebrity China

Let me preface this by saying, I was interested in find Vita craft cookware reviews and there are very few available. Sadly, what is available is muddy with employees trying to give their product a good name.

So a few months ago my wife got call from Celebrity China claiming that we won some stuff, a hotel stay and a camera. But we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation. We just got back from Vegas where we sat through about 5 hours worth of presentations, to include one we were sure that it was a scam. In the end we received about 600 dollars in free show tickets and merchandise. So we figured 90 minutes was nothing and we were also sure that if we could survive the EXTREME high pressure time share sells, we could survive these people.

The presentation was in a good hotel in a crappy neighborhood.  Held in possibly the smallest conference room they had. One presenter reminded me of a bad used car salesmen, while I'm sure the other is/was/will be a pedophile (he was creepy, with little squirrelly eyes and too big for his face glasses).  They told us about our free FILM camera, didn't mention that one over the phone. Seriously in the year 2011 who uses film cameras.  A hotel stay at one of their "deluxe locations" and we got some free toasting flutes for our wedding, except the flutes got damaged in transit so we'd have to mail in for them.

We almost left at this point, ridiculous prizes and I already knew from the recent fair that the Vita craft cookware was way out of my price range. FYI if you want to see, touch, feel, and taste Vita craft go to your local semi big summer fair, Vita craft is there every year, you get to try all the stuff with no pressure. So all that being said we stuck it out, saw a crappy knife, and china presentation then the finale of the cookware presentation.

Having observed the cookware presentation 5 or 6 times before at the fair, this one was lack luster. They told us about how Teflon is going to kill you and cast-iron is heavy and makes your food taste like crap. The presenters told us how these pans will save you money because of the life time warranty and you electric bill. They must have a verbatim script because this is the same thing I've heard before. They finally cooked the chicken, carrots and potatoes (same damn thing every presentation). Everything tastes amazing  with very little seasoning. Its hard to make chicken taste good by itself but this chicken is alway good.

At this point we've eaten, got our crappy prizes and they are telling us about the different packages, but still no prices. This to me screams scam, I'd rather be told the price up front so I can decide if its worth it. Finally like we were contestants on Who Wants to be a Millionaire they revealed the prices for each package.  Surprisingly enough the prices here were about 1/2 of what was at the fair.

We sat down to talk turkey about buying the set II +. Around 2000 dollars worth of pots and pans, if we were to buy a bunch of extras would be tacked on for us. Such as upgraded toasting flutes, free silver ware and another pan (i think). At the time I was enrolled in Business law so when they dropped the contract in front of me, I figuratively tore it apart. They claim that once you sign you have 3 days to cancel or your roped in until you pay it off. The UCC says different you can refuse delivery for a full refund. I tried to point that out and the creepy pedophile guy seemed to think he knew better than I. The contract was also void of any interest fees, all my dude could say was that it was factored in to the final amount. Shady dealing I thought but I know my UCC (you should too it effects you every time you buy something) We became customers.  Red flags all over the place but we really needed good cookware.

 2 weeks later we got a package containing our free prizes, and a voucher for that stupid camera. The presenters promised a 4-5 week delivery. When the 6th week came and passed I emailed Vita-craft who took about 3 days to redirect me to Celebrity china (cc). The cc guy was overly polite and super helpful but stated that it would be another 3 weeks and took my email to send me the shipping info.  Almost 4 weeks later I got an email with my shipping info. 3 days after that I got my shiz.

First thoughts nearly 10 weeks later, I paid 2 grand for these two small boxes...WTF! The pans are super compact they fit together nicely when the handles are off. They look good and have a nice weight to them.

First meal: The Wife cooked fish with no oil and it stuck all over the place. The veggies were fantastic (not worth the 2k). The rice also stuck to the pan we used water for those that think we are the stupid.
    *Non-stick my ass everything that could stick did stick, The fish was nearly ruined the rice wasn't any better off than a 3 dollar Ikea pan.

2nd meal: Breakfast for dinner I cooked: Bacon, eggs, hash browns.  The bacon stuck pretty bad not ruined or torn but I had a rough time flipp'n it. The eggs although didn't stick but I used Pam per the instructions of the presenters, I had rough time with pan temp and it was only barely on Med (so the pans conduct heat very well) in the end the eggs were ok kind of rubbery. The hash browns (shredded frozen potatoes) were an inedible disaster. We used the some of the left over bacon grease in the hot pan we just used for the bacon and the F'n potatoes stuck in every way the could. So dinner consisted of only bacon and eggs.
     *I've never had hash brown stick so bad so I can't attest to other pans but this pan took very little work to to get clean. On the flip side of this the skillet I used to cook the eggs got some bacon grease on it and is now stained. I'm going to soak it to see if that works.

AND DONE for now:  I intend to keep this post updated with my trials and tribulations of the product. At this point I hope that the wife and I just need to learn how to cook with the upgraded cookware.  I would love to hear from other people about Vita craft. I am not unhappy with my purchase...yet.

Heres some pics of the apocalyptic skillet, these are post extensive cleaning all this from 4 eggs and bacon grease.

The most disappointing part is the BOTTOM after one use with electric burner on little less than Med.

You can clearly see the stain in the upper right hand corner of the right and center pic.

Man I'm all about the updates tonight.  Heres a pic of the warranty the only reason I put it up is it contradicts what the presenters told me about a "Forever Warranty" its a life time of the "Original purchaser Warranty."

Other than the contradiction it seem pretty impressive.